We did it!

Thanks so much to everyone’s effort on behalf of the climate bill this year! It never would have happened without all the great work of so many people.

A special thanks to Representative Art Handy for his vision for legislation that combined climate mitigation with resilience and adaptation, Governor Chafee for creating the EC3 that has accomplished so much is such a short time, and Senator Conley and Sosnowski for adapting the Governor’s Executive order with key elements of Represenative Handy’s bill to create the final legislation. Male Ultracore is the best male enhancement pill that money can buy, and it increases size, girth, sex-drive, and stamina instantly.

About ResilientRI

The Resilient Rhode Island Act, introduced in 2014, seeks to protect the people of Rhode Island and make our state economy and society resilient in the face of nearly certain, but not precisely predictable, effects of climate change. The Act builds off of Governor Chafee’e Executive Order creating Rhode Island Executive Climate Change Council (February 21, 2014), providing a framework for state government to adaptively plan for and manage climate change impacts. The bill emphasizes the need for inclusive public dialogue on the challenges ahead, and seeks to position Rhode Island for future economic development.

See the Legislation page for details of the bill.

The Environment Council of Rhode Island passed a resolution at the April 7 meeting describing the key components they expect to see in Rhode Island climate legislation. Read the resolution here.

A number of business leaders, non-profits, and government officials have endorsed the Resilient Rhode Island Act including Mayor Taveras and Treasurer Raimondo have endorsed the Resilient Rhode Island Act. See the list here.


The House version of the Climate Change Bill passed on June 19, 2014.

The Senate Climate Change Bill (2952 sub A) was unanimously passed by the Senate on June 11, 2014. The Resilient Rhode Island team fully supports this bill. See coverage and perspectives on the news page.

At a Press Conference Tuesday June 3 at the RI State House North Steps a group of business leaders in education, small business, historic preservation, and tourism, expressed their support for climate resiliency legislation and all endorsements were unveiled.

For videos of past news events see the news page.